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The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.  Proverbs 20:5 (NLT)

The Hebrew word “Dalah” used in Proverbs 20:5 means to draw out—that is what I am called to do.  My passion is to engage you in an on-going conversation that draws out what God has already poured into you.  I believe that you are a deep well that God has filled with unique gifts, insights, experiences and callings and that my job is to “let down” a bucket into your soul, helping you discover the good gifts that God has already placed in you.

My desire is to work with you to lower the bucket and draw out what The Father has poured in.  With 30 years of experience, my gifts, wiring, and skills provide what is needed to be an effective coach, mentor and equipper.  

My dissertation is a study on the effect of coaching in a local church setting. Learn More

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Certified Coach PEAK Profile


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Joel Smith loves Jesus and he loves the church. Before starting as a lead pastor, I knew I needed a coach that loved both of those things. Joel was encouraging, he knew how to ask the right questions and kept first and foremost the need to make disciples in everything that I did. If you are looking for a coach that can help you dream, and work on the nuts and bolts you need to move your ministry forward, he's your man!

Nithin Thompson
Lead Pastor at City Alliance Church, Williamsport, PA


Joel has been an invaluable help to me as my coach as I have stepped into a new role as Campus Pastor. He is a fount of experience, wisdom, and resources and he brings them to each situation with creativity and compassion! After our coaching sessions, I feel not just educated and helped in a practical way, but also heard and encouraged. He has a unique blend of leadership, communication, and pastoral gifts.

Beth Graham
Lead Pastor at Gate City Vineyard Church, Greensboro, NC


Joel is one of the, if not the best, Pastors I know. His innate ability to coach, mentor, and lead his staff and congregation is a blessing to all. He possesses leadership, organization, and visionary skills often lacking in many church leaders today. Joel is a man of God who inspires and leads, with passion. He is an approachable leader who brings joy to many.

Ron Horton

General Manager at Fanatics Inc.


A man of great compassion who is equipped to lead well. I have been greatly blessed by meeting regularly with Joel. He brings to the table a unique blend of coaching, counseling, and mentoring that will always lead you back to the Father’s embrace and the place where you can hear His voice. Time with Joel often leads to a place of both growth and healing and his quick witted sense of humor is almost a guarantee! 

Drew Kalbach

HR Generalist at Messiah Lifeways


Joel has served as a ministry coach for me for the the past three years. He is an excellent listener and does not rush quickly into solutions. He is open to explore ideas you have for development as well as resources he has used in the past. I would recommend Joel in the role of ministry/pastoral coaching.

Jon Miklas

Lead Pastor at Cocalico Community Church

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