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Core Strengths Inventory

The SDI measures what motivates you, performance, people or process and how you operate when healthy and when your navigating conflict with others.  Awareness and attending to your strengths help you make your best contribution to God’s work in you and through you. I offer this service in conjunction with Consentia Group where I serve as a Master Facilitator. 

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

I am a trained consultant who can help you not only understand where you are in your emotional health but also develop a plan to mature in Christlikeness.  I use the Emotionally Healthy Leader book, the Emotionally Healthy Assessment as well as The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Church Assessment tools.

Prepare & Enrich

This marriage strengths assessment is designed to help Pre-marital couples (Prepare) and married couples (Enrich) discover their level of strength in 10 areas ranging from sexuality to spirituality. I work with individual couples, groups and/or a retreat format to accomplish your goals when it comes to building healthy marriages.



Joel is a quality lead pastor who through his own vulnerability has been willing to provide leadership of a pastoral team developing a strategy to make a difference in this region and beyond. He has been able to influence others to engage a process of discernment and spiritual formation. I find it a real joy to work with Joel and his team.

Dr. Eldon Fry

Founder Open Hands Ministries


I've known and worked alongside Joel since 1999. I have found him to be a gifted leader with the ability to lead a church or organization forward. Joel is a strategic thinker who is able to layout next steps in order to move a group of people toward the desired destination. Joel has a passion and the ability to make disciples and develop leaders.

Terry Smith

Vice President for Church Ministries at The Alliance 


Dr. Joel Smith is a gifted teacher and speaker. He has had a profound impact on the lives of many through his ministry of eighteen years at Daybreak Church. He is an impassioned believer who approaches ministry with vision and enthusiasm. I have grown under his pastoral influence. From heartfelt sermon series to his investment into my personal spiritual formation through small-group studies and prayer, I have a deep appreciation for Joel's gifts.

Dr. John Chopka

Vice President for Enrollment Management at Messiah College


Joel is a great teacher/communicator and friend. He is very transparent, honest, and trustworthy. He has made an eternal impact on many through his ministry at Daybreak.

Dr. Andrew Babyak

Chair of the Department of Business at Messiah College

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